Monday, June 11, 2007


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Artists: Kai Spannuth
Copyrights © by Kai Spannuth


Anonymous said...

OmG! First comment ever? Shows how many people are actually reading the artist's comment on dA. :P
Anyway, totally love the snail, it's so fierce and then it's so cute and lokking a bit stupid when it's small. Good job. :)
And while I'm at it, my respect for the whole FC concept, I think it gives an interesting twist to the possibilities of artist's cooperation. Cheers.

ArtBIT said...

Amazing style amazing creatures.
I'd love to see the game out of it.

Don't lose focus people! Go for it!


Anonymous said...

it's imba!!

Well I guess I'll go and buy beer and salt - ultimative weapon against snails :D

Skiatch said...

Verdammt gute Character!!! Ich bin auf jeden Fall auf Kommendes gespannt!

the KLAUS said...

If you ever want anything modeled for a promotion for the game, I'd be more than happy to help. You're ideas are awesome. You can find my work here:

Ayyoub Arsalan said...

yeah that is some cool work! would buy a game like that in a flash lol!

Aparna said...

nice work